1570nm 5km Eye Safe Laser Rangefinder Module of 20ppm continuous 5minutes

1570nm 5km Eye Safe Laser Rangefinder Module of 20ppm continuous 5minutes

1570nm 5km Laser Rangefinder Module with 20ppm 5minutes, 2m accuracy and 500g weight. 

China TianYing TY-LR73-3 1570nm 5km(up to7km) eye safe laser rangefinder module 20ppm continuous 5minutes, measure 10 square meter vehicle beyond 5km and even up to 7km in 5km visibility.

Developed for observation platforms tasked to acquire small, slow moving targets, hence the 20ppm continuous measuring rate and the extended range. The LRF-7km 20ppm is installed in platforms on ships, land vehicles or aeroplanes.

We leveraged the lastest technology to construct this remarkably compact, exceptionally accurate rangefinder, hence customer enable very easy integration into different platforms.

5km/7km 20ppm continuous 5minutes 1570nm Laser Rangefinder mainly performance Features:
1) Beyond 5km and even up to 7km ranging capability of 10m² vehicle in 5km standard visibility.

Note: sea level visibility = 5km.

2) 1/3Hz - 20ppm continuous 5minutes measuring rate.

3) Beam divergence 1 mrad, option 2mrad, 0.8mrad, 0.7mrad, 0.6mrad, 0.5mrad, 0.4mrad, 0.3mrad etc.

4) Accuracy less than 2m.

5) Eye safe class 1.

6) Only 600 cubic centimeters in size.

7) Less than 500g weight.

8) Working temperature: -40°C to + 60°C.

9) Reliability: life > one hundred thousand range measurements and MTBF > 4000 hours.

10) Base on cutting-edge OPO 1570nm solid-state Avalanche Photo Diode Detector (APD) technology.

5km/7km 20ppm continuous 5minutes 1.57microns Wavelength Laser Rangefinder of Application:
1) Optronic surveillance and reconnaissance

2) Fire control systems for land and sea targets

3) For determination of flight altitudes on airports

4) To measure the distance of ships from the coast

5) In observation outfits.

6) In general for applications of position determination.