D330 7km/14km Surveillance Infrared Thermal Camera

D330 7km/14km Surveillance Infrared Thermal Camera

Model No.︰D330

Brand Name︰TingYing

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰5 sets

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Product Description

TianYing D330 thermal imaging cameras are designed for high reliability, sharp clarity image, recognition vehicle 7km and detection beyond 14km - 640x512, the D330 is an ideal outstanding medium long-range targeting solution in border protection and perimeter surveillance missions. The camera is very convenient alone use and easy integrated into system.

The D-330 offers two fields-of-view options for long-range detection and identification, but provides the ability to alternate rapidly among of two focal lengths. this two fields of view derived from the same principles as human vision, this way operators can see further, recognize more detail and react more quickly to security threats.

The camera features an uncooled infrared sensor with a ruggedized design to ensure performance in harsh desert, ocean and mountainous environments. With its equivalent cooled thermal camera performance, this camera give you maximum threat detection with lowest total cost of ownership.

D330 uncooled infrared thermal imaging cameras functional Features:
1) The latest Uncooled 17microns 40mk(F1) 640x512 VOx Infrared Thermal Imaging Sensor Core.

2) Combine high resolution 100/330mm focus dual FOV lens detect man beyond 4800m, very good weather condition beyond 9700m, recognize man 3200m, detect vehicle 15km, support auto and electric focus.

3) Optics axis accuracy 1pixel.

4) MRTD 400mK(room temperature F1 typical 240mK)

5) Provides the ability to alternate rapidly among of two focal lengths (switching time plus focusing time).

6) Video output Analog or Digital 16bit BT656/ LVTTL.

7) Control interface RS232/RS422 alternative.

8) Environmentally Sealed Ruggedized Design (IP67)

9) Working low temperature (-40° C) and high temperature ( +60° C or +80° C).

10) Option support remote control PELCO-D, built-in arrester Max 3000V, reticle.

11) Easy operation, high reliability, easy to be integrated into system, such as maritime platform, land platform, vehicle platform etc.

D330 dual field of view long range thermal imaging infrared camera Specifications:

Model D330-640
Material Uncooled Vanadium Oxide Microbolometer
FPA Formats ≥ 640 x 512 pixels
Spectral Response 8 ~ 14 μm
Pixel Pitch 17 μm × 17 µm
NETD ≤ 64mK F1.6 ( F/1.0, Room Temperature, typical < 35mK)
Operability ≥ 99.5%
Packaging Metal
Frame Rate 25Hz/30Hz,  or 50Hz/60Hz
Lens Focus 100mm/330mm
F# F1.2/F1.4 or F1.4/F1.6
Field of View,° ≥ 6.2° x 5°/1.9° x 1.5°,  or ≥ 10° x 7.5°/3° x 2.3°
MRTD ≤ 400mK F1.6.
Detect/Recognize human range* ≥4.8km /  ≥3.2km
Detect/Recognize vehicle range** ≥15km /  ≥7.5km
Image Control
Image Control Imaging Enhance, denoising, Polarity: White Hot / Black Hot,
Image Adjust Contrast, Brightness, Zoom, Polarity and Shutter Notification
Focus adjusstment Auto/electric focus.
Input / Output
Input power 24V DC/24V AC, 110V/220V AC, Option 28V DC, 12V DC
Control Port RS232/RS422 alternative
Power consumption < 3W (steady-state).
Video output Analog PAL or Digital 16bit  BT656/ LVTTL, Option NTSC.
Option support PELCO-D, Built-in arrester Max 3000V, Reticle.
Environmental Adaptability
Operating temperature, °C -40°C to +60°C , temperature shock 5°/min
Storage temperature ,°C -50°C to +70°C, or +95°C
Protection level IP67
Environmental qualification MIL-STD-GJB150 or MIL-STD 810F
Dimensions, mm 470 x 228 x 258mm (F1.6)
Weight, kg ≤19kg (F1.4), 14kg(F1.6)
Standard Packing:   Data/video/power Cable, Power Adapter, Software , User Manual, Hard Case etc.
Note *Detecting human distance is given at levels of 94.5% success probability and 2°C temperature difference between target and background, very good weather condition is 50% probability.
**Detecting 2.3m x 2.3m vehicle is use for 3 pixels x 3 pixels.
***Actual range may vary depending on camera set-up, environmental conditions, user experience and type of monitor or display used. ****Technical information is subject to change without notice.

Lens option:
50mm/200mm F1.0/F1.1  LWIR dual FOV hardened, coated/sealed germanium lens.


50mm/250mm F1.2 or F1.0, dual FOV hardened, coated/sealed germanium lens.

100mm/330mm F1.2/F1.4, or F1.4/F1.6 dual FOV hardened, coated/sealed germanium lens, detection of man-sized targets beyond 9.7km and vehicles beyond 15km.

150mm F1.0  LWIR single FOV hardened, coated/sealed germanium lens.

200mm F1.0, single FOV hardened, coated/sealed germanium lens.

250mm F1.1 or F1.0,  single FOV hardened, coated/sealed germanium lens.

45-180mm F1.2 or F1.0  LWIR continuous zoom hardened, coated/sealed germanium lens.

25-250mm F1.5, continuous zoom hardened, coated/sealed germanium lens.

75-330mm F1.4 or F1.6,  continuous zoom hardened, coated/sealed germanium lens.

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