20km tank surveillance 2MP 64x Coaxial Achromatic Defog CCTV Security Camera

20km tank surveillance 2MP 64x Coaxial Achromatic Defog CCTV Security Camera

Model No.︰HD800P

Brand Name︰TianYing

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

China TianYing HD800P 20km tank achromatic surveillance security camera is the world's leading long focal length high precision coaxial continuous optical zoom CCTV camera,the camera adopts achromatic lens design, especially in the aspect of long focal length, to eliminate the defects that have plagued optics for years. The definition of telephoto is more than twice that of traditional achromatic design.

This achromatic lens with a variety of AI intelligence technology: high precision automatic focus, 3 times defog, data transmission functions etc. Designed and manufactured according to the military grade, the coaxiality to achieve the measurement level, which is conducive to remote tracking target; It can adapt to high and low temperature military environment without heating, but has outstanding shockproof and anti-corrosion performance.

The camera is unprecedented lightweight design, compared to the traditional size of the lens volume cut in half, so as to facilitate integration into the electro optical system, this is in line with the electro optical system high-precision lightweight development direction.

HD800P 20km airplane surveillance achromatic coaxial defog security CCTV camera Features:

1. Long range high accuracy measurement level coaxial continuous zoom lens.

2 .Defog definition reaches 3 times of color.

3. The focus does not shift for zoom process.

4. Super long focal color restore ability is color without loss.

5. Achromatic long focal definition is more than twice that of traditional achromatic design.

6. Achromatic design allows long focal edge image to be clean and complete.

7. Perfect circuit configuration, with fast automatic focus, lens preset and lens position output.

8. Long and short focal coplanar design.

HD800P 20km tank surveillance achromatic coaxial defog CCTV camera Recommended Use:

1. Long range high accuracy measurement aiming.

2. Long range high accuracy weapon sight.

3. Long range high accuracy defense.

4. Long range high accuracy target tracking.

5. Anti-missile.

6. Long range aerial photo.

1, Why normal long focus CCTV camera can not see tank 10km? such as 400mm focus, 500mm focus etc.

 Because long range have fog, especially the sea and the jungle, also normal CCTV camera defog is bad.

2, Why the 2MP camera image is better than many 12MP and 15MP camera?

Because the camera lens is achromatic and the camera have color restore ability is color without loss.

3, Why many 750mm focus/1000mm focus/ 1200mm focus CCTV surveillance camera is only used for 3km-5km laser rangefinder?

Because their optical axis precision is very bad, such as 2mrad accuracy is 2m for 1000m distance and 6m for 3000m distance.

then their camera can not shoot 3km vehicle, so their laser rangefinder task is only roughly measurement.

4, Why the 2MP camera price is much higher than normal CCTV camera?

Because the camera is coaxial zoom with achromatic, supper defog, shockproof and compact size, also image quality can compete with some SLR camera.

HD800P 2MP 12.5mm~800mm coaxial zoom Surveillance Security Camera Specifications:

Model HD800 HD800P
Detect range > 13km for human, > 20km for 6m x 3m vehicle/boat
Recognize range > 8km for human,   > 18km for 6m x 3m vehicle/boat
Effective Pixels > 2 Megapixel
Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
Pixel Pitch 1/1.8 inch
Frame Rate 25Hz/30Hz.
Minimum Illumination 0.01Lux
Field of View,° 38.4° x 20° ~ 0.56° x 0.32°
Focal Length 12.5mm~800mm, 64x Optical Zoom.
Aperture F11.7
Close-up distance, m 5m
64x optical zoom time + focus time Approx 10 seconds.
Optical axis precision consistency < 0.06° < 5pixes, typical 3 pixles
Supper defog Yes
Achromatism Yes
Input / Output
Power supply DC12 600mA
Video output Analog, HD-SDI, HDMI
Network LAN
Image Control
Control  button
Control interface RS422
Environmental Adaptability
Operating Temperature,°С -30°C to +60°C , temperature shock 5°/min
Storage Temperature -40ºC to +70ºC
Dimensions and weight,  with house Approx 435mm  x 200mm x 160mm, Approx 11kg.
Dimensions and weight,  without house Approx  380mm x 172mm x 130mm, Approx 7kg.
Packing and Warranty
Standarding accessories packing  hard case, user's manual, video cable, power cable
Warranty 1 year warranty and free lifetime maintenance.
Note: *- Technical information is subject to change without notice. ** -Depending on the region of sale.

Product Image

HD800 2MP 12.5mm~800mm Coaxial Optical Zoom Surveillance Security Camera

HD800 2MP 12.5mm~800mm coaxial achromatic defog CCTV security camera

HD800P 2MP 12.5mm~800mm Coaxial Optical Zoom Surveillance Security Camera