20km Auto Tracking Thermal Camera Electro Optic System

20km Auto Tracking Thermal Camera Electro Optic System

Model No.︰TY-P1

Brand Name︰TingYing

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰3 set

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Product Description

China TianYing TY-P1 electro-optics system is specially designed for precise alignment, clear surveillance tracking, and effective accuracy measurement. the system is including coaxial wide spectral band CCTV camera, coaxial long focus uncooled thermal imaging, high rate mid-long range eye safe laser rangefinder, high accurate mid-speed turret and auto tracking function.

With its combination of a large field of view for wide-area observation and detection, and a small field of view for identification, it fulfills the highest requirements for the seamless surveillance of land and maritime borders and is equally suited for the protection of critical infrastructure.

The system features line of sight of coaxial cameras and turret is bore-sighted with laser rangefinder, then up to effective accurate measurement. The TY-P1 can be operated as a stand-alone or integrated into existing legacy operating systems. The camera is suited for use in stationary solutions - for example mounted on masts, tripods, vehicle or building structures - as well as mobile applications.

TY-P1 measuring tracking surveillance EO/IR thermal camera system features:
1) Effective accurate measurement due to precise alignment target of coaxial camera with LRF and turret.

2) HD coaxial zoom wide wavelength quick auto day sight TV camera.

3) Mid-range SD coaxial zoom infrared thermal imaging sight camera(option cooled and uncooled).

4) High accuracy high rate 20km eye safe laser rangefinder(drone 4.2km have been proven).

5) Auto tracker function with analog video, option digital video.

6) Compact ruggedized design with hermetically sealed house and suited vehicle mount (weight < 56 kg).

TY-P1 Tracking Surveillance EO/IR Thermal Camera System Specifications:

Model TY-P1
Thermal Camera
Detector Uncooled Vanadium Oxide
Pixel 640x512
Spectral band 8μm~14μm
Pixel 17mm x 17mm
Focal length - Option 1 100/330mm (N:1.9°, W: 6.2° for FOV horizontal)
Focal length - Option 2 75mm to 330mm continuous zoom (1.9° to 8.3° for FOV horizontal)
Focal Manual, Automatic
Alignment Coaxial zoom
Detection human range Approx 5 km
Recognition human range Approx 3 km
Option cooled thermal camera 30mm to 300mm continuous zoom (1.8° to 18.3° for FOV horizontal)
Day Light Camera
Detector 1/1.8" CMOS
Focal length 30x optical continuous zoom lens.
Resolution 1920×1080
Wavelength 400nm ~ 1100nm
Alignment Coaxial zoom 
Detection range Approx 6km for human, Approx 10km for 6m x 3m vehicle/boat
Recognize range Approx 4km for human, Approx 8km for 6m x 3m vehicle/boat
Laser Range Finder- Option
Wavelength 1.57μm
Beam divergence ≤  0.5 mrad.
Ranging 10km for 30% reflection 5m² target in visibility 25km
Measuring rate 2Hz continuous 25 seconds
Measurement accuracy +/-1m
Safety class  Class 1
Accuracy  0.06°
Direction range azimuth:360° continuous; elevation:+45°~-45°
Directing speed range for azimuth 0.05°/s to 45°/s
Directing speed range for elevation  0.05°/s to 45°/s
Parking Position Yes
Programmable Search  Program multiple preset scene locations
Communication protocol Pelco-D
Operating temperature range -32ºC ~ +60ºC
Storage temperature range -40ºC ~ +70ºC
Protection level IP66
Power Supply DC 24V
Power consumption ≤ 80W (average for typical operation profile)
System Features and Physical
Auto tracking Yes
Boresighting  line of sight of cameras is boresighted with laser rangefinder
Size appr. 800 mm x 650 mm x  450 mm
Weight appr. 56kg
Note 1, Technical information is subject to change without notice. 
2, Depending on the region of sale.

Product Image

TianYing electric optical surveillance system thermal camera auto tracking airplane.

HD800 2MP 12.5mm~800mm Coaxial Optical Zoom Surveillance Security Camera see 19km house and communication pole

HD800P 2MP 12.5mm~800mm Coaxial Zoom Surveillance Security Camera for high accurate aiming target