At TianYing of mature leading advanced 5km~50km 1Hz~20Hz laser rangefinder, electro-optical turret systems, 300mm~2000mm focal length coaxial zoom CCTV cameras and telephoto thermal cameras are widely recognized as the most innovative, highest quality made, and highest performance price rate.

DJI drone 2km 8MP 10~600mm zoom no color aberration broadcast SWIR CCTV camera

China TianYing SHD600 18km tank surveillance 8MP 10~600mm zoom no chromatic aberration NIR CCTV camera is the leading low cost long range 4K crisp sharp visual optronic sensor for monitoring platforms.

The camera features a compact, domestic, digital, presetting, specified focal length, coplanar design, wide spectrum, concise, integration, 8MP 1/1.8" 2μm sensor and 10~600mm continuous zoom pure optical lens.

Mounted on a monitoring platform, this stable reliable operating network camera captures true 4K crisp sharp broadcast images of high color saturation with extraordinary accuracy simultaneously.

Use its recognition distance equivalent to a full HD 1/1.8-inch 3.75μm f8.8 1125mm focal length camera, this true 4K broadcast imagery camera delivers unparalleled reasonable cost. Option 2pixels coaxial zoom aligning targets for tactical platforms.

Features: 1. 4K no chromatic aberration crisp sharp clean broadcast imagery, inclduing the edge of the telephoto;

30km 5Hz continuous miniaturized 1570nm Eye Safe Laser Rangefinder

China TianYing TY-LR88-1 miniaturized 1570nm 30km ~ 40km eye safe laser rangefinder module of 5 Hz fulfils as independant sensor unit the requirements of modern optronic reconnaissance and target tracking systems that require a high repetition rate of measured ranges from fast moving targets.

They can find the range to small-sized targets such as 4m² target to distances up to and even beyond 20km. Depending on weather conditions, measurement frequency of 5 Hz can be up to a few minutes, measuring accuracy is 1m, working high temperature is +70ºC.

The LRF-30km leveraged the lastest technology to construct this remarkably compact, exceptionally accurate rangefinder, hence customer enable very easy integration into ships, land vehicles or aeroplanes platforms, inclduing camera system, fire-control system etc.

1) Up to 50 km ranging capability, typical 10m² plane 20km of 5Hz.

30km 20Hz 1.5µm laser rangefinder/100mJ Laser designator weight <2.8kg, accuracy <1m.


China TianYing TY-xx01 is simultaneous a high energy laser designator and rangefinder, matched to high altitude and long range optronic systems, provides 1m accuracy and 20Hz rate performance to fast moving targets in extremely compact unit that weighs < 2800 g.

Depending on weather conditions and target characteristics, ranges between 200 m and 30 km with 20Hz can be measured. Up to 500 measurements can be carried out in 25 seconds on +55ºC with a measurement frequency of 20 Hz (option 30Hz).

The laser designator rangefinder features fully military details, excellent coding compatibility, excellent coding scalability, excellent laser sensitivity, the lightest weight and the smallest size, effective on platforms from man-portability, land vehicles, ships to aero planes.

Communication with the LRF-D is established by means of a RS422 interface which forms the operational, status and maintenance interface with the LRF-D.

1). Diode-Pumped ND:YAG 100 mJ energy;

2). Externally slaved/Internally coded/Insert coded;

3). Typically designator tank ≥ 8km of 20 Hz and ranging tank 13km ~15.2km of 5 Hz;

AI security surveillance precise PTZ 5km 500mm CCTV 100mm thermal camera


China TianYing TY-P8 AI surveillance IP PTZ 5km HD 500mm CCTV 100mm thermal camera is the best low-cost day / night intelligent behavior analysis and long range fire detection observation system.

The system is including 2MP 16.7~500mm wide spectral no chromatic aberration 0.0001Lux starlight CCTV camera, VOx 40mk 100mm fixed focus thermal camera, multiple protections 0.03° control accuracy pan/tilt, intelligent analysis module, integrated protective housing and option 20km 2Hz eye safe laser rangefinder. The system features multiple image enhancement, intelligent detection alarm, stable reliable operation and reasonable cost.

Mounted on a stabilized base, this intelligent dual sensor system provides no blind spot undetected with a 24/7 situational awareness, that can realize high precision VCA detection, fire detection and real-time alarms, mainly used for forests, border and coastal defense, grasslands, ports, military fortresses etc.

Features: 1. 2MP 0.0001Lux illumination 16~500mm zoom no chromatic aberration CCTV camera;

2. Pan/tilt 0.03° accuracy horizontal 360° continuous;

3. Support intelligent alarm functions such as motion detection, cordon, area intrusion etc;

4. Support intelligent detection and identification such as ignition detection, personnel, vehicles, ships etc